Rick And Morty Hc Book 04 Dlx Ed (C: 1-0-0)



The smash-hit comic book series based on Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland's hilarious [adult swim] animated show Rick and Morty is available in its fourth deluxe hardcover collection! When aliens threaten to destroy the world (again)* what happens when Jerry tries to talk 'em out of it? Nothing good! Morty and Summer need dates to the prom* but when Rick tries BUGS out! From Interdimensional Cable to Beth's never-ending struggles for even the smallest amount of'll find all that and more in this oversized collection* not to mention five full issues of Multiple Morty Madness!! This special edition collects issues #26-30 of the main series* as well as the entire Pocket Like You Stole It miniseries* based on the bestselling mobile game. It also includes a brand-new introduction* cover art* and a gallery of Pocket Like You Stole It trading cards! Get schwifty!

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