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Kaijumax Tp Vol 05 Season 5 (Mr)

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(W/A/CA) Zander Cannon. THE LONGEST RAMPAGE IS THE ORANGE MILE! Deep in the bowels of the monster prison KAIJUMAX* death row inmates sit brooding on a lake of fire* awaiting execution. The giant crab Hermanculoid ("Hermie" to his friends)* due to die in a matter of weeks* has a glimmer of hope as his lawyers mysteriously resurface with new evidence of police misconduct that goes all the way to the top. In the astral halls of justice* gang boss Pikadon and his flamboyant* amoral Team Legal and their creepy animal sidekick fight to sow doubt about the murder he definitely committed. And kindly* long-serving inmate Sharkmon wants to live out his sentence tending his pet sharks and goat* until love* in the form of the mysterious Sprinkles the Unidragon* comes to call. Also: devilish saviors! Self-interested "aliens"! Rhyming legalese! And... illegal child-fighting pits?

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