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Animal Farm Gn (C: 1-1-0)



'All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.' In 1945, George Orwell, called 'the conscience of his generation,' created an enduring, devastating story of new tyranny replacing old, and power corrupting even the noblest of causes. Today it is all too clear that Orwell's masterpiece is still fiercely relevant wherever cults of personality thrive, truths are twisted by those in power, and freedom is under attack. Now, in this fully authorized edition, the artist Odyr translates the world and message of Animal Farm into a gorgeously imagined graphic novel. Old Major, Napoleon, Squealer, Snowball, Boxer, and all the animals of Animal Farm come to life in this newly envisaged classic. From his individual brushstrokes to the freedom of his page design, Odyr's adaptation seamlessly moves between satire and fable and will appeal to all ages, just as Orwell intended. AUTHORIZED ADAPTATION: Created with the full support of the Orwell Estate, this first-ever graphic version is true to the original, using Orwell's words alongside Odyr's images. The actual text is abridged, to enhance the visual experience, but the plot and story remain unchanged. It's an accessible, faithful entry into this twentieth-century masterpiece. A RELEVANT CLASSIC: When the book was first published in 1945, Stalinist Russia was Orwell's target, but today, Animal Farm's message resonates wherever and whenever freedom is attacked and the threat of totalitarianism looms. BEAUTIFUL, GIFTABLE EDITION: Fans of the novel can rediscover Animal Farm and experience it in a new way. The style of art cleverly captures Orwell's era and the events that shaped his life and work while the painterly aesthetic gives it a special feel.

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