Subscription Policy

  04/09/2019 at 02:27 am



Our subscription service is available at  This is a seperate service and website, requiring a different login and password.  If you were a user on our previous webstore, your user name and password will work there.

To subscribe to a series, simply perform a search, find your result, and click subscribe.  The issue shown is the first issue you will receive for your subscription.  There is no minimum number of titles required to have a subscription.  Your account must have active billing and shipping.  If you are a local customer, you can select in-store pick-up for your shipping preference.  Titles with related one shots, crossovers, and annuals will be included in the subscription. If a title ends and is renumbered the next month, your subscription will continue. If you drop a title from your subscription list, the change will take place the following week of releases.

Subscription orders are generated each Wednesday and shipped the following day.  Any order with a subtotal of $40.00 or more will receive free shipping.  We ship all of our books in bags and boards, inside corrugated cardboard boxes.  Depending on the size of your order, you will either receive a comic t-mailer box or a recycled Diamond Comics Distributor box. Economy shipping is the standard rate, unless Priority is requested ahead of time.  

If your order is declined, you will receive an email to let you know.  If we do not hear back by the end of that week, we will have to cancel your subscriptions.  To reactivate, you would need to contact us an and pay for the declined order.  

By Dan Degnan

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